Vianni Products Stainless Steel for Life

The Vianni brand was created with the idea of combining sleek design and high performance with durable stainless steel to deliver top quality products.  A team of engineering specialists, with decades of stainless steel manufacturing experience, joined together with the goal of developing unique and memorable products.

To accentuate the emphasis placed on long-lasting and reliable goods, considerable thought was put into the brand name. Vianni is a combination of the Latin word vita, meaning “life”, and the Italian word anni, meaning “years”.  The significance of the two words is expressed in our goal of producing “stainless steel for life”.

Our initial product launch is focused on commercial food warming equipment.  Featured products include an Energy Saving Countertop Food Warmer, designed with patented technology that saves up to 50% on energy consumption compared with conventional Countertop Food Warmers and, Heated Black Glass Food Warming Shelves featuring stylish design with high performance. At Vianni, our vision is to introduce a line of stainless steel products designed for both commercial function and residential use. Stay tuned to find out how Vianni can help with your commercial and household needs - we make products that last!